This website aims to be an encompassing collection of resources and information about chess, for new or amateur enjoyers of chess. You can spend hours, even days, discussing chess history, gameplay, drama, etc. When I designed this website, I did my best to curate information in an efficient and friendly way, so as not to overwhelm the visitor. I want this website to function like a “virtual business card” for all things chess; something you can whip out in casual conversation when someone asks you about chess. However, I also don’t want to reinvent the wheel here; there are so many great chess websites and resources on the internet, so I’ve compiled a list of said resources for new and beginner players to take advantage of.

The flow of the navigation bar was designed to mirror how the website should be used: a brief introduction on chess and why you should play, followed by the history of chess, the basics, strategies, and finally external resources for you to play chess or learn more.


About Me

My name is Matt Caldwell, and I am an IT student at the University of Cincinnati. In my free time, I enjoy doing absolutely nothing and also picking locks (bet you don't know anyone who can pick Best SFICs to the control function!). This website is a project for my web dev class, as well as a great learning experience in terms of idea vs execution of web development. Initially, my project was going to be an art portfolio for my good friend, but I decided a chess website would fit the rubric better (and I’ll be honest I just wanted to do a chess website).