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You didn’t think I was trying to reinvent the wheel, did you? There are already so many wonderful chess resources available, from learning more tactics, tournament and professional scene news, and platforms to play your own games against other people. Here you can find a list of chess resources to get you started with your chess journey.

I would recommend starting with, where you can play against real opponents. Remember, experience is the best method of education! I’ve also linked FIDE’s website, as well as, a large database of high level chess matches. If you’re here from the fundamentals page, wanting to learn more about tactics, Chesstempo is the way to go.

If you were only allowed to use one website pertaining to chess, this would be it. Hands down. While there are many platforms to play online chess,, by many, is considered the de facto platform for playing online chess. Additionally, offers a wide variety of learning materials, from basic rules to daily chess puzzles, practice exercises, and much more. image

FIDE, the chess world's equivalent of the W3C. Find anything from rules to competitive rankings here.

fide image is an ugly, but great website for reviewing professional matches.


Want to learn more about tactics? Chesstempo is the website for you.